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According to chess historians, chess is one of the oldest games in existence, that originated around 6th century AD.

In those times, The Indian Rajah (King) believed that war was the most effective school to learn the values of valor, decision-making, endurance, circumspection and bravery. It is thus believed that war was chosen as the model for the game.

The most fascinating and frequently repeated story credits the invention of the game to the holy saint, Sissa, at the courts of the Indian King, Balhait. The King was disturbed by the prevalence of gambling and the addiction with the games of pure luck. He summoned Sissa and requested the wise man to create a game, which would require pure mental qualities of prudence, foresight, valor, judgment, endurance, circumspection and analytical and reasoning ability, to oppose the teaching of games in which chance (luck) decides the outcome by the throw of dice.

At some time thereafter, Sissa returned to the court of the King with a board (Ashtapada) consisting of 8x8=64 squares with rules not much different from the ones we use today. There were two armies of different colors consisting of 32 men each in which the object was to capture or slay the king of the opposing army.

In this game there used to be four participants due to which it was named ‘CHADURANGA’ meaning ‘four bodies’ to be elephants, Horses, chariots and foot soldiers. Another name for this game was Ashtapada meaning ‘eight steps’.

Chaduranga then evolved into a 2 player game, close to its current form. It was then taken to Persia and then onto Europe many centuries later. The British re-christened some of the actors in the game and Minister became Queen, Horse became Knight, Camel became Bishop, etc. Chess continues to be the most popular board game in the world even today!

Artisanal Chess Sets

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