Heart for Art Workshops

Taking forward Heart for Art's mission to get Artisans a market for their skills and products and expose them to discerning customers & art lovers like you, we arrange various workshops by Master Artisans.

Our workshop by master Palm Pattachitra artist Pramodkumar Maharana in various schools, colleges and public art places in Pune was extremely successful - giving artisans exposure and earnings and art lovers an experience of creating their own masterpieces!

We are happy to bring to you Workshops by Master Patua artist Suman Chitrakar with the BENGAL PAINTINGS Workshop and take them to Pune and Mumbai. We will continue to regularly conduct these workshops by master artisans and craftsmen. Get ready to create your art, with these master craftsmen.

REGISTER for these workshops by buying "tickets" for these workshops online, below. Details of the dates, venue, time are available in the descriptions.

Heart for Art Workshops


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Heart for Art Trust
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