Woodcraft by the Vishwakarma Sutar Community of Sindhudurg



The Vishwakarma Sutar Community is spread all over the Konkan and especially in Sindhudurg district, around Sawantwadi, Kudal and other places. Each village typically has 3-4 families of this community who meet the wood work product needs of the district.

They are a very skilled community - working on various wood products fro temples, homes and work places. They work with a variety of wood including teak (sagwan), rose wood (shishum), Jambhul, Jackfruit (Phanas), Shivan and Aakashi. They work on various products including sculpted doors, windows, chourangs, arches, etc. Many of the artisans are expert sculptors and paint artists and have been creating many locally required products for many centuries.

Lupin Foundation and Heart for Art are working on helping the community form a Off Farm Producer Organisation (OFPO) and create a new range of tableware, home decor and wall products in various designs and wood materials. The project is funded by NABARD, with Heart for Art providing the technical inputs, helping create new products and marketing them to discerning customers, to help increase the livelihoods of these talented artisans.

We appeal to our customers to take a look at their products, buy them and support the endeavour to increase the livelihoods of this talented community.

Woodcraft by the Vishwakarma Sutar Community of Sindhudurg

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