Banana Fiber Yoga mat
Banana Fibre Craft, Tamilnadu

Rs. 1,600.00

This yoga mat is hand loomed with banana fiber (using the stem waste). Other special features:

  • soft as cotton and more durable than cotton
  • hypo-allergenic
  • provides thermal comfort both in cold and warm climates
  • decomposes easily and completely when discarded
  • fair-trade & village initiative; hand crafted by labourers in villages with a roller device
  • reduces carbon emission by avoiding decay; the waste stems after extraction are then converted to natural manure.

The yoga mats have a naturally ribbed serrated Texture of the interwoven grass help you maintain your grip for a natural flow of movement, working towards a balance without providing artificial 'sticky' support. This gives a beneficial 'acupressure' effect through the soles of your feet.With this mat, sweat wicks away, no puddles after a class.

The bark of banana tree is first split into small strips and soaked in water. Due to water treatment, the bark becomes smooth and soft. The strips are then hooked to the spinning wheel to make the lengthy yarn. The yarn is reeled into small bundles and sent to weaving section for making mats and other eco-friendly decorative items.

Care Instructions: Wipe with damp cloth. Air dry/flat dry, in case of water spillage. Once in a while, the mat can be sun-dried for 20-30 mins. DO NOT store the mat in closed cupboards when in wet condition. Dry the mats properly before storing in a closed cupboard. Being a natural fiber product, it needs to be kept in a ventilated place, for longevity and to prevent mold/mildew formation. In case of mold/mildew/fungal formation - the mat can be hand washed and dried in Sun for short duration of 30-40 mins and then dried in shade

Banana Fibre Craft, Tamilnadu
1600 g

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