Water Hyacinth - Yoga Mat with Bag
Pani Meteka Craft,Assam

Rs. 1,500.00

Now exercise in style, the natural way. This water hyacinth yoga mat, with a typical mat finish. Its natural water hyacinth colour adds style and makes it simple. The mat comes with hand woven side borders that holds the weave in place and it comes in a holder for easy handling.

Special features:

  • Soft as cotton
  • The Right Grip - the right texture of the mat helps in your yoga movements without slipping. At the same time, you can maintain a natural flow in your movement - something that sticky mats do not allow you to do.
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Provides thermal comfort both in cold and warm climates
  • Decomposes easily and completely when discarded
  • Made from fibres extracted from the Water Hyacinth
  • Helps to keep balance in eco-system.Water hyacinth grows abundantly in the region and is a weed that destroys local eco-system by blocking sunlight, preventing oxygen exchange by other aquatic plants and affecting pisciculture.

These yoga mats have a natural beauty to leave down around the house even whilst you are not using them. The yoga mats have a naturally ribbed serrated Texture of the interwoven grass help you maintain your grip for a natural flow of movement, working towards a balance without providing artificial 'sticky' support. This gives a beneficial 'acupressure' effect through the soles of your feet. With this mat, sweat wicks away, no puddles after a class.

Made in Assam. Water hyacinth (locally called pani meteka in Assamese) is abundant in the state of Assam and needs to be tapped optimally for production of utility as well as designer items like mats, hats, vanity bags, shoes and lampshades.

Water hyacinth(eichhornia crassipes) is a type of floating aquatic plant, which when dried in a special process can be used to make some amazing handicraft. Hallmark of the products made from water hyacinth and that they are very light in weight, cost effective and durable among others.

Scarcity of cane and increasing price of bamboo was making livelihood tough for rural artisans of Assam.  The artisans were encouraged to use water hyacinth, an unwanted weed in water, to create handicraft products. This involved development of frugal technology and processes to ensure that final products were affordable to the targeted customers without compromising on the quality. The project is scalable and hence can be adopted for sustainable livelihood and women empowerment. The cost of raw material is zero and the value chain provides opportunity to each artisan -- unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and master -- to earn as per their skill levels.

Let us create wealth from the menace.

Pani Meteka Craft,Assam
1660 g

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