Art & Craft Tours

Art & Craft Tours

Although today cultural references are blurred due to rampant standardisation, globalisation and mass production, there is a growing people’s desire to return to their origins, to traditional know how and to values concentrated in the traditional arts and crafts.

This has created many opportunities to expose city dwellers and indeed all Indians to our traditional arts, crafts, lives of rural artisans and the ethos of traditional, eco-friendly materials and processes of traditional industries. Art & Craft tourism will help tourists rediscover the pride of Made in India – embodied in our traditional Arts & Crafts, many of which are as old as the Ramayana and are our aesthetic and intellectual property!

These arts & crafts are the inheritors of centuries of traditional skills and complex knowledge acquired after long periods of apprenticeship. The arts and crafts represent, economically, strong value added activities. Developing and integrating them within a network of tourism offerings can benefit economically the whole collective, creating a new dynamism and providing sustainability for both sectors.

Tourists will get to witness demos of the craft and participate in workshops in making their own little craft items! And they get to meet with the artisans, get to know their lives, the ethos, designs, tools, techniques and materials that define the crafts. Each workshop participant takes home what they make!

Tamilnadu-Puducherry : West Bengal-Odisha : Gujarat-Kutch

Heart for Art and Black Swan Journeys an Experiential Travel Company have come together to create unique Art & Craft Tours for art & craft lovers and for discerning travelers who are looking for rich experiences different from the run of the mill destinations. We start with three Art & Craft tours covering Tamilnadu-Puducherry, Gujarat-Kutch and West Bengal-Odisha covering 15+ unique arts and crafts in each tour.  

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