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We are happy to present to you the progress of Heart for Art in the realisation of its mission to create rural livelihoods in 2017-18. We added a number of crafts and artisans onto the Heart for Art Platform and took their work to many discerning art and craft lovers like you across multiple cities. We conducted many consumer art work workshops and their products were taken to lifestyle and home decor stores in Pune, Mumbai & Goa. We were able to positively impact the earnings of a number of artisans and their families.

We continue our work towards increasing our reach and expanding the impact on the livelihoods of rural artisans in FY 2018-19

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Feb 2018 - RECOGNITION-Heart for Art Trust's work and impact recognised at the World CSR Day Awards

Heart for Art Trust's work and impact recognised at the World CSR Day Awards - "Purposeful Purpose" - award being received by Trustee Padmaja Bendigiri Jalihal at the Taj Lands End on Sunday, 18th Feb

Award presented by Babatomiwa Adesida - Pvt. Sector & Philanthropy Engagement Consultant, Sustainable Development Goals Fund, United Nations

Sept 2017 - Bestowed with the DEWANG MEHTA National Award

A proud moment ...Our Founder Trustee Mrs. Padmaja Jalihal receiving the prestigious "NGO LEADERSHIP AWARD" Presented by Dewang Mehta National Awards on 26th September, 2017 at Indira Group of Institutes, Pune. The Dewang Mehta National Awards celebrates their 25th Silver Jubilee year in 2017. The recognition our efforts to increase rural livelihoods has brought in more pride and motivation to everyone onboard, at Heart for Art (HFA). The accomplishments by its leaders always motivate the organization as a whole to soar high and achieve more. The award has added more feathers to HFA’s crown of achievements. We at HFA hope to see more such milestones to cross, in our journey to success.

March 2017 - Heart for Art launches Art & Craft Tours with Black Swan Journeys

India’s exquisite craftsmanship and techniques are a reflection of our ancient history and times. However, unfortunately with time, we succumbed to the glamour of western culture and left the crafts community of India to struggle in the shadows.

Black Swan Journeys joins hands with Heart for Art Trust to bridge the yawning gap between the country’s crafts community and the urban denizen. With our hands-on craft and art tours we want to unearth the cultural intricacies that provide a place its identity.

We are announcing our first three craft tours covering Tamil Nadu – Puducherry, Gujarat – Kutch and West Bengal – Odisha which include over fifteen unique types of arts and crafts in each tour. The tours will include workshops and interactions with local artisans.

These curated tours provide an unmatched opportunity for all art connoisseurs and amateurs, history buffs and knowledge seekers, to understand the different ethnologies, craft techniques and the native landscapes that influence the craft and its ecosystem.

Oct 2016 - RECOGNITION for the Social Impact we have created!

Award for Heart for Art's work at the Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair - at the hands of Celebrity Actor, Tabu! Speaking on the occasion, Tabu said: “India as a country has abundance of cultural heritage. The diversity be it in the form a rare painting styles or exquisite handcrafted shawls to sarees and a range of other products is wide spread. But the irony is that some of this craftsmanship which goes back a few hundred years is dying. In this age of communication and technology there is a need to bring our heritage, art and artisans on the global platform.”

Heart for Art is doing just that!!

Padmaja Jalihal, Founding TRUSTEE, Heart for Art receiving the Award from Celebrity Actor Tabu, Parul Mehta, Chairperson Ishanya Foundation and Dr. Kulkarni, Chief of NABARD

Thank you dear patrons, for all your support in increasing the livelihoods of Rural Artisans!