Heart for Art Public Charitable Trust works on reviving the Arts + Crafts of India by helping increase the earnings of rural artisans. We work with various arts & crafts from around the country and give artisans a marketplace to take their products to customers around the country. The marketplace includes an online store, exhibitions + craft melas, corporate events and consumer art workshops.

Heart for Art works with artisans to package and digitally showcase their products online. We also work with artisans to define and create new products related to their crafts. We work on new product packaging, product communication and marketing campaigns on FB, TW, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

We need the following persons to be involved in this noble endeavor. Either as Volunteers or Interns.


Product Design


Product and Packaging design for craft products

Research of various products and packaging design in the market

Comparative study of options available & suggest alternative designs

Work with artisans to design new products

Design of boxes, packaging material, craft cards, posters, etc.

Get the design executed through prototyping, printing, etc.

Skills Required

Students or Graduates of Design with liking and skills for product design in the crafts sector


For 2 month periods during college holidays OR on weekends spread over 3-6 months



Product Photography


Photograph art + craft products

Edit, finalize chosen photos for publishing in product catalogs online and for use in FB, TW, Pinterest campaigns

Create visual stories on Arts + Crafts

Take videos of artists at work, during workshops, customer interviews

Skills Required

Students or Graduates of Photography courses with an interest in product photography and arts + crafts


On weekends spread over 3-6 months and during specific events



Marketing & Sales at Events & Exhibitions


Manage the planning, sales & marketing for specific events & exhibitions

Manage the inventory, finances at the stall and market and sell craft products

Educate customers on India’s Arts & Crafts and on specific products

Skills Required

Desire to understand various Home Décor and Gifting products

Good communication skills. Should like talking to people and selling ideas and products to them!

Desire and willingness to market and sell

Positive attitude and optimism


Typically during weekends at events and exhibition venues – in Pune and Mumbai. Sometimes in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc.



Art & Craft Workshop Management


Manage the conduct of Art Workshops that are of 3-4 hours duration

Be the Master of Ceremonies of the workshop

Introduce Heart for Art, the artist, craft, make announcements, etc.

Help the artists manage the workshop

Manage the list of Attendees, Answer participant queries, etc.

Skills Required

Interest in Arts & Crafts

Desire and Experience of being a Master of Ceremonies.

Good communication skills in English, Hindi


Typically once a month over evenings and weekends for a total of 3-4 days at a time. Each day for about 3-4 hours in the evenings. In Pune and Mumbai. Sometimes in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc.


CONTACT : Padmaja at 9370379727 or padmaja@heartforart.co.in