Bamboo Purse
Bamboo craft, Tripura

Rs. 300.00

Flaunt your love for unique and ethnic fashion accessories by carrying this multicolor bamboo weaved clutch bag .

This rectangular shaped Bamboo Clutch is  made of hand woven split bamboo loom mats by the artisans of Tripura, with one inside small pocket to hold smart phone, cash, credit and debit cards etc.

The art of bamboo weaving is also perfected by the Tripura community. It is a tedious process, but they don’t seem exhausted because of their affinity for bamboo. In bamboo weaving, the bamboo stalk is sliced finely to create thin and light strands. These strands can either be coloured or preserved in the same state for a natural look. The strands are then spread evenly and put inside a wooden loom, followed by hand weaving with multi-coloured threads. 

Through applying different types of weaving techniques, then it is also possible to create various kinds of pretty patterns as well. The weaves, thus generated are used to create all these lovely, eco-friendly file covers, folders and cases. 

Women in Self Help Group also resort to the same process for bamboo weaving. They group up the first slice of bamboo into thin slivers. The slivers are then dyed in an array of myriad colours before drying them in sunlight. The dyed slivers are hand woven into lovely baskets, flower vases, candle stands, files, office essentials etc.

    Bamboo craft, Tripura
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