Coconut Shell Wine Cup
Coconut Shellcraft, South India

Rs. 600.00

These coconut shell cups with semi finished -groves can be used to serve beverages. A nice soothing earthy aroma of shell can be experienced all time.  Gift yourself and friends the goodness of nature and natural health. These attractive cups bring the beauty of simplicity to the home!!

Discover the benefits of Ayurveda Benefits and healing remedies or simply enjoy a drink of refreshing water in a unique new way.

Every part of coconut palm tree, right form the fibrous husk, shell, pulp, root, leaves to flowers lends itself useful in one form or other and this is the reason why coconut tree is also termed as "Kalpa Vriksha". In Siddha & Ayurvedic medicine, flowers, root, tender coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut shell are used as key ingredients in various internal and external medicines.One such use of the coconut shell is for making handicrafts. We present a collection of beautifully hand-crafted coconut shell products made by a family of artisans in south india. Once the coconut kernels are removed, the shells are cleaned thoroughly and then through a series of natural processes of hand grinding, grooving, cutting, finishing and polishing the final product is arrived. It is to be noted that No chemicals or any other coating is given to the products and the shiny/ matt finishes are obtained through a series of hand grinding processes only

Care: Wash the products like cups, bowls, spoons etc thoroughly before using for food consumption.These products will not catch mold, mildew or fungus.

Coconut Shellcraft, South India
200 g