Bamboo Craft of West Bengal & Odisha

Rs. 500.00

These cylindrical shaped  bamboo baskets look great stacked together or separately. Their beautiful colours will brighten up your life and give you a little extra storage to keep things in order.

Their iconic design and intricate 2 colour weave really does reward those who take a closer look. These lidded baskets are a great way to clear up clutter and display some Bengal artistry at the same time!

Weaving is done by arranging the bamboo strips in criss-cross manner. During the side wall weaving of a basket, the colored bamboo strips are inserted to enhance the outer look.  Bamboo strips are dyed by immersing the bamboo strips in a color solution made by mixing color powder and water. Once the side walls are weaved, the rim of bamboo basket is made by fixing broad and thick strip of bamboo to the formed basket. The rim helps for better grip.

These products are completely organic. Bamboo is easily & fast growing nature friendly timber . The craftsmen of Purva Mednipur in West Bengal produce these. 

It is available in three conveniently sized. Size and Price are for a large basket. 

These baskets are handmade so they may vary slightly in dimensions and color. 

Bamboo Craft of West Bengal & Odisha
100 g