CuDip - Cylindrical
Tambat Metalcraft, Pune

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Cu++ Charge your drinking water with CuDip

Bring a healthy change to your life and of your loved ones with CuDip .
Copper is an essential micronutrient required by our body at a level of 1 about 1mg/day. Copper is one mineral which cannot be synthesized by
the human body and thus the human body has to rely on dietary
options to fulfil the required need of copper. CuDip
will help you get 50% of your copper requirement for the day!

Advantages of Cu++ charged water

  • Helps with weight-loss
  • Keeps you young

  • Helps you heal faster
  • Regulates the thyroid gland
  • Cuts down cancer risks
  • Regulates melanin production
  • Helps fight Anaemia
  • Prevents digestive disorder
  • Boosts Cardiovascular Health
  • Regulates brain function
  • Reduces Arthritis pain

Copper Charge your water in your favourite Water Bearers

CuDip is a small copper object, which can be immersed in water while using your favorite glasses, jugs and other water bearers to positively charge the water. Copper charged water helps balance all the three doshas in your body (Kapha, Vata and Pitta). The product is designed like a tea-bag – convenient to use with its attached chain and end tag. The tag can be customised to carry a logo, name, etc. for personal and corporate gifting. Call or write to us for bulk orders.

Tambat Craft

CuDip is made by skilled Tambat artisans, who are carrying on traditions of a 300-year-old craft! The indentations are skilfully created by highly skilled artisans with extra-ordinary hand-eye coordination. The indentations create a gorgeous aesthetic and increase the surface area of copper that is in contact with the water.

Highest grade Pure Copper

CuDip is made of 99% pure copper, the highest-grade of copper. No other metals, alloys or linings are used in this product. Copper oxidises naturally and is used in this form to Cu++ charge the water for good health

Use CuDip at Home and in the Office!

With these benefits in an attractive design, CuDip is the perfect copper charging solution at home, at the office or on outdoor trips. Let CuDip play cupid and work on copper charging your drinking water at your dining, study, tables and at your office desk!!

Anchor for a healthy life!

Copper is a powerful anti-oxidant and has several health benefits ranging from weight loss, brain stimulation, anti-ageing properties and more. Shun the plastic and the possible harmful effects resulting from storing food and beverages in them, copper imparts its own minerals and nutrients to water while keeping toxic chemicals away.

Usage Instructions

  1. Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water that has been charged with copper is an easy way to supply your body with enough copper. According to Ayurveda, drinking copper-enriched water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach helps balance all three doshas.
  2. The water charged with copper is known as ‘tamara jal’ and should be consumed after charging the water with CuDip for four to eight hours.
  3. An excess of anything is not well received by our bodies. This includes copper. Once you start drinking copper charged water you can continue this practice for three months and then take a break for one month (stop drinking water charged with CuDip). After a one-month break, you can continue drinking water again using CuDip for the next three months. This gives our body time to remove any excess copper deposited in our body. The body has its own mechanism of eliminating the excess of anything. 


  1. Clean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher as the detergent can cause oxidation leading to permanent damage.
  2. Use a solution of equal quantities vinegar or lemon juice and salt diluted with some water at such times but don't use it regularly.
  3. You can clean it once a week if you wish to as per the care instructions.

Your purchase of one of our CuDip will help create significant positive impact for some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Enjoy the good karma!

Tambat Metalcraft, Pune
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