Mastani Pagdi
Traditional Headgearcraft, Maharashtra

Rs. 1,570.00

The royal look of this eye-catching Mastani Pagari carry with them our age old traditions that keep us connected to our roots and make us enjoy our vibrant cultures.

It derives it’s name from Mastani who was born to Maharaja Chhatrasal a Rajput king and his Persian Muslim wife Ruhaani Bai. Mastani - the second wife of the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I after marriage with her beloved, becomes a member of the Marathi Brahmin household.

She was a beautiful dancer and liked to dress regally. She was a multi-faceted personality. However, in her husband’s home she had things stacked against her. The culture at her husband’s home is alien to the Muslim household she grew up in.

This Mastani Pagari is graceful and able to uphold anyone's dignity in adversity. One of the most important elements of this Pagdi is some decorative jewels which are added to ornate it on the front portion of the Pagdi .

Recently  Mastani Pagdi has been used in the movie "Bajirao Mastani" for the Character of Mastani played by Deepika Padukone to give her the warrior look.

    Traditional Headgearcraft, Maharashtra
    3500 g