Red Madurkathi- Beach Exercise Mat
Madur Kathi Craft, West Bengal

Rs. 850.00 Rs. 1,000.00

This folding Beach Exercise / Picnic Mat  can be used for garden parties, or sun bathing on beach side.  The mat is a multipurpose folding extra long and wide straw floor mat woven on a traditional hand-loom using locally available reed called madur kathi in West Bengal; a smart combination of natural fibers and contemporary design.

It's made by hand using natural material. The natural nature of the mat makes it the best option for your yoga, picnic, beach and other outings. It can easily be opened and folded back to a travel-friendly and storage-friendly portable size.

Won't stick to your sweaty body as synthetic/foamy ones do. Won't smell of chemicals as synthetic ones do. It's great for your personal use and an excellent gift for anyone on any occasion. Everyone will just love the natural, handmade feel of the mat and it goes well with almost any decor and setting. Hang it outside the window to stop the sun from coming in. Great, cost-effective idea for a blind and keeps your house cool too!

Bordered with cotton lining, for added durability; its rustic and hard-wearing

Reversible - You can use both sides of the mat

6 feet long and 3 feet wide - made for everyone! Can roll down to 6 inches (diameter) by 9 inches (length) or fold down to 3 inches (H) by 10 (L) x 9 (W) inches!

In an attempt to restore the craft of chatai or reed / grass mats and to help the crafts sector become a viable income source for village-based artisans, this mat has been handcrafted by highly skilled artisans.

These mats can be washed and cleaned easily. This delicately woven mat from West Bengal is no less than a miracle. Known as Masland mats, this is made of locally sourced river grass, it takes months to get these intricate weaves right, before they get ready to add warmth and class to the space they occupy.

Perfect for the modern yet simple urban market, will complement both classic and contemporary settings.

Madur Kathi Craft, West Bengal
1000 g

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